St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital

St Andrews Toowoomba Hospital

We’re keeping patients, doctors, visitors, and staff safe and secure at St Andrew’s Hospital. This is one of the larger sites with many staff, up to 1500 authorised card users and 220 access points, it’s important to monitor the crowds accessing this facility every day. From securing doctor’s surgeries, to ensuring safety and security in the car park, this significant site requires a remarkable security system.

In partnership with the team at St Andrew’s, Secure Solutions designed a system that met all these requirements. This solution includes CCTV cameras, access control, alarm system and lifts designed to only allow selected personnel on certain floors. Our system incorporates selective lighting and air conditioning control to suites, which results in huge power savings with unoccupied rooms. The result is a facility that’s not only safer for everyone on site, but is also highly efficient and effective.


“At St Andrew’s Hospital we like to use local suppliers where we can – and Secure Solutions is a Toowoomba business that’s a valuable part of our team.

Nothing is too much trouble for Pete and his team. As a hospital we do have times where we need urgent or out of hours service, and Secure Solutions is always willing and ready to respond quickly.

Their knowledge base is excellent, as is the quality of their security equipment. We really appreciate that Secure Solutions is always looking at how to provide better solutions. We had started down a road of purchasing a certain camera with a previous supplier – Pete was able to not only pick this project up quickly, but he also came up with some alternative cameras that were just as good quality but saved us money.

They’re a friendly team, who get along well with our staff, which is important for us. We look forward to continuing to work with Secure Solutions into the future.”

— Kenn Zerner, Engineering Services Manager and Project Manager

a1 control room

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