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woman rings the house intercom

There are so many ways to apply this technology!

For 20 years, technology in the intercom industry has been pretty flat in growth, until now! Recently, there’s been a huge jump in technology – particularly in connecting with apps on smartphones. This is really something us tech geeks get really excited about. 

When someone comes to your front door, you are instantly notified one your phone. You can have a 2 way communication (talking to the person at your front door in real time) and can unlock your front door or roller door from anywhere in the world (with internet access) and lock the door after they’ve left. The conversation is recorded for security and can be referred back to. 

Hikvision Acusense Camera

Peter talks through one of our most recommended Hikvision security solutions – Acusense Cameras.

This camera has incredible line crossing technology which can warn intruders, as well as excellent image quality for reporting or charging  trespassers.