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Home Automation all in the one place

Pete explains the control panel in his home which can control each aspect of security and home automation.

Turn off lights, open doors or lock your home all from an iPad mounted on your wall. 


Make life simpler with timed lighting to suit your lifestyle, automated irrigation and multiple AV entertainment zones.

Timed lighting to suit your lifestyle

Automated lighting allows you to set your lighting to be on or off at the times you need, even when you are away from home. You can enhance your security system with timed lighting, making it look like you are home when you are away. Automated lighting can also alert neighbours and authorities if an alarm is triggered by automatically flashing on and off with a security threat.

Happy lawn and save water with automated irrigation

An automated watering system will not only save you time, it will also conserve water and keep your lawn and plants happy and healthy. Our system provides a precise method of watering that saves water and makes sure that your lawn and plants are always receiving the optimal amount of water to thrive.

House party everywhere with multiple AV entertainment zones

You can control your home-audio system from any room in your house to create a complete entertainment system to suit everyone. Using one easy to operate app you can listen to the same or different music in various rooms throughout your house at the desired volume for each room. You can also watch your favorite program, disc player or live stream your show on any TV in your house making it easy not to miss a thing as you go about your daily activities.