Southern Downs Regional Council building Warwick

The towns of Warwick and Stanthorpe are safer thanks to our work with Council installing a high-end IP CCTV security system. Featuring wireless links that remove the need for extensive labour in running cables around the town, the system is part of the City Safe program. We also worked to install an access control system which enables staff access with a card and not keys.


Several sites across the Lockyer Valley area required an access control system that maintains security while also making it easier for staff to work across sites. The access card system in place now means if an access card is lost, it’s replaced at the cost of a lunch, rather than the thousands needed to replace a master key. We’ve also worked with the Council to install high-end IP CCTV at selected sporting grounds, for the safety of patrons, staff and the wider community.

burglar entering a house

Multiple times each week, we are asked to quote on home security systems. The main focus of most is to get security cameras.

CCTV cameras are definitely a great deterrent for thieves and they are also very helpful in tracking down those trespassing on your property….

Are Alarms Still Useful?

However, a greater deterrent for someone in the act of breaking into your home is an alarm system. From our extensive experience in the home security industry, potential thieves entering a property will almost always run without stealing much (or even anything) if an alarm sounds.

Sound an alarm and get CCTV footage

So when we are in a home and quoting for a home security system. We often recommend a combination of both alarms and CCTV. With an alarm sounding off, you’ve more of a chance of the person breaking into your home, but then fleeing before taking any of your precious items. Including the CCTV also deters and gives record of faces to pass onto law enforcement, therefore helping to stop occurrence of future B&E’s.

With this said, if you are still solely focussed on only security cameras installed in your home, HikVision Acusense is one product that could count as doing a bit of both tasks. It’s sounds a warning message while recording the thieves on camera. The camera does not set off an alarm sound, however it is programmed to play a pre-recorded message once someone steps past a pre-set boundary line.

For our CCTV products, we offer options for notifications to be sent to your smart phone, or for professional monitoring. Either way, we ensure you know if someone has been in your house before you arrive home.

Still unsure which option is best for your home? Call us on 1300 308 272 and we’d love to chat and create a quote for you.


Pete talks about the new HikVision intercom which is now available through your smart phone app. You can be anywhere in the world with internet access and talk to someone at your front gate!


The standard lock and key is a straight forward way to keep your home or business safe. But when you’re running a large scale operation, the potential cost of changing locks and cutting new keys can be quite considerable.

An access control system is one of the most modern, efficient and convenient ways of securing your home or business. Once it’s set up, you’ll never have to worry about changing a lock or having new keys printed again.  If you discover a security card is lost, stolen or being used inappropriately, it’s as simple as barring access with the click of a button.

Once installed, all doors on the premises can be controlled at will and set to automatically lock when closed. Anyone without the correct PIN or access card will be unable to enter. If necessary, you can also set designated hours for doors to remain unlocked for ease of access during particular times of day.

These control systems can also be adjusted to allow flexible control over individual user access rights. This means your security can be structured so that entry level staff are unable to gain access to an executive’s private office, and your historical financial records are restricted only to those that absolutely need to access the data.

Access Control Systems offer flexible, cost-effective solutions to keep your home or business secure. If you would like more information on which system is right for you, make sure you give us a call and we can provide a consultation.

Rapid Deploy Solar Trailer in front of shed

Intro to our Rapid Deployment CCTV trailers

We sell or rent these trailers and they are fully self-sufficient with 330-watt solar panels which slide out with one stationary in the middle and the other panels slide out either side. Includes four x 150-amp power batteries, four large stabilizer legs, making these trailers very sturdy. They have off-road capability and we can get these in all kinds of crazy places.

A motorized nine-metre mast and a couple of zoom cameras the trailer featured in our demo video is fitted with pan-tilt zoom cameras (little mini PTZ’s) and they can see for a hundred and fifty meters with infrared light. We can set up analytics that sends notifications to you when it detects anything you want it to detect. 

Inside the workings are hidden in a slide out draw with a tray included so clients often use this for their monitor, keyboard and mouse. Our trailers include the new HIKvision mobile NDR. This network video recorder not only powers the cameras it also includes SIM card. Wi-Fi. GPS tracking and alarms. This unit is designed to be in a vehicle or trailer so you can drive around with all the equipment and you’re not going to harm it.

Inside the trailer we’ve got MPPT solar controller, so it utilizes as much of the sun as possible to get the most charge possible to the batteries. We’ve also got 240-volt inverter, so these trailers can become a little mobile site office because you’ve got Wi-Fi, so you’ve got internet and a power source. So there is capability to run a mini on-job site Builders office from these trailers.

On the front of the trailer is the motor for the mast, plus a camera that looks down to protect the trailer itself. Protection-wise for the actual investment of the trailer, not only has it got that GPS tracking but it also protects itself and sends notifications when anyone even gets near the trailer.


Modern security devices now have the ability to stream high definition images instantly to your mobile or tablet device, offering instant access to home or business cameras at any time, from any location. Using a mobile application to access your video surveillance system provides enormous power and utility for you and your business – and many of our clients already reap the benefits. 

A large proportion of camera manufacturers offer two components for each of their products: Video Management Systems (VMS) and Mobile Applications. A video management system acts as the central control centre for your surveillance system, allowing you to control the angle, field of view, recordings and more all in one place. The mobile application aims to provide extra utility, allowing security personnel, home owners or business managers to access a live feed and play back recordings from any number of devices.

With the ability to access all of your cameras at the touch of a button, you’re now able to monitor critical areas and supervise the storefront from your desk, at home or in the car. While there are plenty of benefits to accessing your cameras from a remote location, this luxury is largely dependent on the network speed to which your device is connected. A network or data plan with limited speed will produce much lower resolution, frame rate and overall image quality. 

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) control of a camera is one of the benefits of having remote camera access. As seen in our Hikvision Darkfighter demo, using this function allows you to control the zoom, rotation and focus of specific cameras, enabling you to carefully monitor areas not otherwise available to fixed cameras. 

If you’re interested in integrating mobile security applications with your home or business, make sure you get in touch with us today.