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How the last few years in technology have expediated intercoms

For 20 years, technology in the intercom industry has been pretty flat in growth, until now! Recently, there’s been a huge jump in technology – particularly in connecting with apps on smartphones. This is really something us tech geeks get really excited about. 

When someone comes to your front door, you are instantly notified one your phone. You can have a 2 way communication (talking to the person at your front door in real time) and can unlock your front door or roller door from anywhere in the world (with internet access) and lock the door after they’ve left. The conversation is recorded for security and can be referred back to. 

The list of how to apply this technology is tremendously long! 

Anywhere from a stand alone home to a high rise, multi-story building with multiple doors and even for lift control. 

The keypads are installed at your front gate, so if you catch a lift home, you can gain access to your home with no keys or remote! Our clients love using this technology particularly after a big Christmas party or when their car is being serviced and they’ve caught a courtesy lift home. Other clients have used this technology to receive grocery or other precious deliveries straight to their monitored kitchen bench, while they’ve not made it home in time. 

This technology is very reasonably priced when added to the intercom. For a quote to see how this can change your lifestyle of deliveries, contact us.   

NB – this residential footage has been used with permission from our clients

Our HIKvision Acusense cameras have saved the day yet again!

This is night footage from one of our #hikvision Acusense cameras from the front of one of our clients’ home.
If you’ll remember from previous posts, our Acusense Cameras alert thieves with a verbal warning the area is under surveillance. The flashing light you’ll see is the thieves triggering the alert crossing a predetermined line to see if the roller door will open.
Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

We had the honour of finding the best technological security solution for Toowoomba Regional Council’s Carnival of Flowers while COVID19 restrictions were in place.

The Queens Park Botanical Gardens and Laurel Bank Gardens are the two most popular locations for tourists and local to enjoy the best of the carnival atmosphere. With the latest health restrictions, council needed to adhere to regulations all while still encouraging as much of the regular carnival cheer as possible!

Using our HIKvision cameras combined with the latest in AI facial recognition technology, Council workers were able to know exactly how many visitors were in the gardens at any time, just by looking on their smart phone!

While we can’t force attendants to practice physical distance, at least we can limit how many attendants are in the gardens! Isn’t technology amazing?

Dalby Leagues Club
To ensure a safe enjoyable night for patrons and staff alike, we installed an upgraded camera system to high-end IP CCTV which added extra functionality, allowing for facial recognition and licence plate recognition.
Club Glenvale

An upgrade of the club’s camera system to high-end IP CCTV added further functionality, allowing for facial recognition and licence plate recognition which ensures a great night out for all patrons and a safe environment for staff.

“We replaced Club Glenvale’s entire security system recently with Secure Solutions. For the safety of our patrons and staff we are now fitted out with 42 IP CCTV cameras and several monitors – one of which is a high megapixel TV that offers amazing resolution and clarity. It’s a user friendly system, easy to search, quick, and clear.

Since working with Pete and his team I’ve referred them on to several other businesses that I know. Because when working with Pete you’re getting the right thing installed for your business at a reasonable price. He’s picked a great team to work with him, they’re all friendly and know what they’re doing.

There’s a misconception that you have to go to Brisbane to get a decent security system. That’s just not the case – the Secure Solutions system is high quality and was money well spent.”

— Peter Garrod, Manager

Rodneys Transport

Bulk freight transport service, Rodney’s Transport, travels Australia-wide delivering fertiliser, grain, livestock and more. With multiple locations in Queensland, Adelaide and Wagga Wagga and a large, valuable fleet of heavy vehicles, access control and security was a top priority. We worked with Peter Rodney to design a security system that would allow staff to seamlessly access all sites without the need for keys, and installed specialised CCTV cameras and alarms for extra security.

St Andrews Toowoomba Hospital

We’re keeping patients, doctors, visitors, and staff safe and secure at St Andrew’s Hospital. This is one of the larger sites with many staff, up to 1500 authorised card users and 220 access points, it’s important to monitor the crowds accessing this facility every day. From securing doctor’s surgeries, to ensuring safety and security in the car park, this significant site requires a remarkable security system.

In partnership with the team at St Andrew’s, Secure Solutions designed a system that met all these requirements. This solution includes CCTV cameras, access control, alarm system and lifts designed to only allow selected personnel on certain floors. Our system incorporates selective lighting and air conditioning control to suites, which results in huge power savings with unoccupied rooms. The result is a facility that’s not only safer for everyone on site, but is also highly efficient and effective.


“At St Andrew’s Hospital we like to use local suppliers where we can – and Secure Solutions is a Toowoomba business that’s a valuable part of our team.

Nothing is too much trouble for Pete and his team. As a hospital we do have times where we need urgent or out of hours service, and Secure Solutions is always willing and ready to respond quickly.

Their knowledge base is excellent, as is the quality of their security equipment. We really appreciate that Secure Solutions is always looking at how to provide better solutions. We had started down a road of purchasing a certain camera with a previous supplier – Pete was able to not only pick this project up quickly, but he also came up with some alternative cameras that were just as good quality but saved us money.

They’re a friendly team, who get along well with our staff, which is important for us. We look forward to continuing to work with Secure Solutions into the future.”

— Kenn Zerner, Engineering Services Manager and Project Manager


Owner of Toowoomba security company Secure Solutions, Peter Siokos, talks of his visit to a CCTV tech-con in China

A TV 100 metres wide, robots that park the car for you and other robots that know how long one task will take to bring what you need for the next step at the precise time you need it – what more of an adventure could any tech-head ask? 

Quality products made in China may seem like a contradiction, but Secure Solutions CEO Peter Siokos flew to Hangzhou, China (the 2016 hosting city of the G20 summit) to answer one question, “Why does the HIKvision product outlast all the other brands we offer?”. The answer was a visit to the ultimate Nirvana for gadget geeks – a manufacturer’s convention plus tours through their factory district (that’s right, not just one factory – a district of factories!). 

This tech company has not only earned Peter’s trust, but also the trust of the very particular Chinese government who employ the use of these products in their own monitoring systems. 

Peter found in his travels that the difference was in the company’s thoroughness. “Everything is made in-house. They make every element required to assemble their equipment. They don’t just test random samplings of their equipment, they test every piece that leaves the factory, that kind of commitment is unheard of in other brands!”

“I could not believe how excellent and immaculate the conditions were in the factories! They have programmed the robots to know exactly when and what each tech will need for the next element in assembly. The robot goes to the warehouse storage, gets the pieces required and at the exact moment the builder needs it, the robot – like a nurse passing the doctor surgical equipment – has it ready for them”

The convention included many cultural influences with the focus obviously always on the technology, and the 100-metre-long television being featured in all the speech/sit down events during the convention definitely brought some thrills to a few faces in the crowd. 

Of course the trip wasn’t all technology. Peter, along with other delegates from all around the world, were treated to local delicacies, (including chicken heads, and also the most intricately formed desserts which would make the most skilled of pastry chefs envious) as well as a visit to the picturesque West Lakes. 

“The attention to detail was in everything around us. Any questions I had about the HIKvision company were completely assured in seeing the level of professionalism, the commitment to quality and the passion for excellence”.

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