blue new lock
Man use of fingerprint door lock

Access control on entry doors to your facility, replacing the need for a master key system.

Large Commercial

Multiple buildings or sites anywhere in the world all feed back to one software platform. Have control over a huge area all to one platform. All events and offices and sites go back into the one interface.

Hospital Application

Access control of doors with integration into CCTV and Intercom.
Individual doctors' suites are part of the main system but act and are used like a standalone alarm system.

Council Sites

A whole region is controlled by one computer. Any computer on the network can have access (permission required) to open doors, check alarm events or view video surveillance (CCTV). Access cards and permissions are centralised and easily changed.

Smart Technology Solutions

Medium to large scale sites require specialised systems to accommodate the requirements of these sites.
The access control products handle all security and access control demands, integrate into multiple various building management systems, lighting control, air con control and payroll. There are many integration options available with these high-level systems, call us to find out what we can make work to your system
modern house exterior

Keyless access to your home or business is only a phone call away

Anywhere from a standalone home to a high rise, multi-story building with multiple doors and even for lift control.

The keypads are installed at your front gate, so if you catch a lift home, you can gain access to your home with no keys or remote!
Our clients love using this technology particularly after a big Christmas party or when their car is being serviced and they have caught a courtesy lift home.